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Don’t overpay. Call us today. Welcome to your Pest-free Home! 
What we can do

This is not just a job to us; it’s a career centered on helping our community by providing safe, trusted pest solutions. We pledge to provide a high standard of professional service because at the end of the day, our goal is your satisfaction, and we won't stop until you're happy with the results!

Who We Are

 X-terminators LLC is a family-owned and operated company founded by Mark and Tammy Lemon in 1999. Since then we have become one of the most trusted pest control companies around Kansas City and surrounding areas. We’ve built a reputation for reliability and for the unwavering quality of our service. This achievement has been made by taking exceptional care of our clients through honest, dependable service. Our goal is to continue to exceed the expectations of our clients and to earn the reputation of being the best pest control company in Missouri.

Pest Control

When dealing with cockroaches, it’s best to hire a professional – they can be very good at hiding and even better at hiding their eggs. They reproduce very quickly and in a short time

Bed Bug Control

Until recently, most people thought that bed bugs were just an old wives tale, and until recently they practically were. Bed bugs, once eliminated in the United States, have continued to thrive in other parts of the world

Mosquito Control

Two of the most annoying and potentially dangerous mosquito species in Missouri are the Aedes Mosquito (commonly referred to as the Asian Tiger) and the Culex Mosquito. Mosquitoes are unpleasant and annoying. 

Termite Control

There are several types of termites, which may be found in and around homes. Two of these are the worker and the swarmers. The major difference in these termites is that these termites have wings that are transparent.


Mice and rats enter buildings in search of shelter, food, and warmth, but can easily become an out-of-hand problem. Even holes the size of a dime are no challenge. Rodents are rapid breeders who can easily invade and contaminate a home or workplace.





"This company is excellent. We have used them for years at two different homes. Did previously utilize another "more national" company and did not have as good of service or results. Hardly ever have pest issues and if something does happen between quarterly service they will happily come out as soon as possible. Technicians are very friendly and personable. Excellent competitive pricing as well. Best pest control company in KC area"

Joshua Allphin

"Amazing service! They took care of me and continue to quarterly"

John Skelton

"These folks are prompt,fast, and professional their customer service is second to none"

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